Sunday, February 21, 2010

Storm Damage

THIS JUST IN: Storm Damages Tomato Crop in Southeast Texas

We have our own Hurricane Katrina - an 8-pound tortoiseshell cat with a big appetite and a bigger attitude.

We started our tomato seeds in flats a few weeks ago and have kept them indoors to provide a warm, even temperature for germination.  Because we have indoor cats and know that cats like to dig, we covered the flat with a clear plastic dome and placed it on a countertop in the kitchen.  We were so excited when most of the seeds sprouted in less than a week.  "Remember how low the germination rate was last year?" we remarked.  "Look at how healthy and strong they are!" we gushed.

Then one of us, who shall remain nameless, decided that the seedlings needed some "air", removed the plastic dome, and went out to get the mail from the mailbox.  The errand took three minutes, tops, probably less.  Said person returned to the house to find Katrina on the countertop having a snack.  She is nothing if not efficient.  In that short time, she had jumped up on the countertop, found the seed tray, determined that it contained something tasty, and neatly removed the tops of four of our precious little seedlings.  She must have been in the process of eating a fifth when she was interrupted by the door opening: the little plant had been yanked out of the soil and left for dead.

Exhibit A below shows one of the casualties.  Note the sad little leaf on the soil surface to the left of the beheaded stalk.

What was she thinking that fateful afternoon?  Was she jealous of the attention we had been showering on these immobile interlopers? Did she feel a need to remind us of her Alpha Female status?  Or was she just hankering for something fresh and green? We will never know.

Damage repair commenced immediately.  Replacement seeds have since sprouted.  Security was stepped up to prevent future incidents (i.e. that plastic dome is glued on until we move it outside!).


  1. Hi! I just found your blog through We live off of Nichols Sawmill, so we're practically neighbors! Do you have any pick up sites nearer than the Woodlands? I have twin boys that just turned one and they are eating alot! I'm buying organic at the HEB in Tomball, but their selection is small - trips the Woodlands are about once a month at best. It would be great to have someplace close by with organic produce! I saw some signs in Magnolia for a farmer's market - do you know anything about that? Thanks for any help you can provide! - Laura

  2. Laura:
    Hi, neighbor! It is great to hear from someone who lives so close!

    Send me an e-mail through our Local Harvest listing (EMAIL US button) and I'll give you the scoop on the area markets.