Friday, July 30, 2010

Photo Fridays: Ginger

This is the second year we have grown culinary ginger.  It is an interesting plant and very easy to grow.  Last year we had only a couple of plants, but this year we are growing a whole bed.

I think the ginger plant is pretty, in a fern-y way.  There are about 40 plants in the bed.  We planted the pieces of root in early May; little green shoots started appearing a few weeks later.  We can start harvesting them in early fall, but the main harvest will be after the weather gets cold.  We'll dig up the hands (i.e. roots) and bring them indoors to dry.  They tend to rot in cold soil. 

We will sell some, eat some (yum!), and save the rest to plant next spring.  I wish all the plants were this easy!

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