Friday, June 18, 2010

Photo Fridays: Tomatillos

We are growing two varieties of tomatillo: Toma Verde and purple.  The purple variety is producing better than the Toma Verde, but the tomatillos aren't really turning purple.  Some of the husks have a purple tint on the outside, though, and a few of the smaller fruits have a couple dark blotches on them.

I am just happy they are growing at all.  Last year all the ones we grew from seed died and the emergency replacements we bought from Wabash Antique and Feed Store grew very well but didn't produce a whole lot, probably because we planted them too late.  From the whole summer, I only had enough for cooking a few times and there certainly were not enough to sell.  This year the production is much better.

One of the plants in late April

Today, a view down the row; tomatillos are the tall plants, low plants in foreground are ground cherries


Purple and green tomatillos on the plant

A basket of harvested fruit, ready for fresh salsa or enchilada sauce!

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