Friday, June 25, 2010

Photo Fridays: Tomato Harvest

Our kitchen has been taken over by tomatoes.  We pick them when they just start to blush to stay ahead of the birds and the stink bugs who also love tomatoes.  Then the tomatoes sit on the island in our kitchen until they ripen.  In the past 6 days we have harvested 154 slicing tomatoes.  Yikes!

Sorry about the lighting and the color.  I am not a very skilled photographer, but you get the idea.  It doesn't help that our kitchen countertops are a dark teal color - a very odd choice made by the original owners of the house.

Here is one of the Green Zebras.  It is beautiful and tastes delicious, too.  Ed made Insalata Caprese last weekend with four different tomato varieties and Green Zebra was our favorite.

I wish the plants made more fruit, but lower production is often the price we pay for growing heirlooms.  In many cases they just can't keep up with the hybrids.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy a fresh local tomato this weekend.  Have a great one!

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